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Log Wall Plates Installation Instructions and Pictures
We have solved the problem of installing electrical devices in homes with round log walls or log siding walls. Here is our patented wallplate designed specifically for round log or log siding walls. For the best results, the center of the electrical box must be flush with the center of the log face allowing the top and bottom to remain exposed. Our new design will cover this.
The first example below is a typical installation, flush at center. The second example is the same installation using a standard flat plastic wallplate. The third example also shows the same installation using our new design for a much needed, more finished, neater appearance. To ensure accuracy, you can send us a small cut of the actual log or siding (two inches minimum), mark the center of the electrical box where it will be installed or simply trace the outline of the contour also marking the electrical box center and mail it to us at the above address. For UPS or FedX delivery, please mail to 213 Elece Paul Rd, West Green, GA 31567. If you need assistance locating the position of the center of the electrical box please call us at 912-384-9773. For pricing and model #'s, go to log wallplate configuration pricing.
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