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INSURANCE (Priority Mail, U.S. Orders Only)
We use Priority Mail (USPS) for their efficient record on timeliness and reliability. Damaged and / or lost orders is almost unheard of, however, you do have the option to insure orders against this for an additional fee. In order to file a claim on insured orders, take damaged plate(s), invoice and original shipping box to any U.S. Post Office, they will advise you on your next step. If your insured order is lost, please CONTACT US.  Prices posted here are for U.S. orders only. For international orders, please CONTACT US.
Order Total: Insurance Price:
Up to   50.00 1.00
Up to  100.00 2.00
Up to  200.00 3.00
Up to  300.00 4.00
Up to  400.00 5.00
Up to  500.00 6.00
Up to  600.00 7.00
Up to  700.00 8.00
Up to  800.00 9.00
Up to  900.00 10.00
Up to 1000.00 12.00
Over  1000.00 12.00 plus 1.00 for each 100.00 over 1000.00
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